What is an inverter?

Inverter is defined as valuable voltage valuable frequency power converter for control the motor, or similar inverter outlets the electrical load.

What advantages does the bearing heater have with an inverter?

Inverter controls the heating coil current (the main factor of the heating ability) the maximum (rated output current of the motor) for various work pieces, otherwise, the current would be varied. With inverter adapted, the increase of heating power is expected and the time for a heating is spared.

The principle of IHE series

The IHE series bearing heater is an induction heater designed for the shrink fit process by using the thermal expansion of heated cylindrical parts (bearing etc.) due to the temperature rise caused by the electric resistance Joule heat generated from electro-magnetically induced current from the built-in induction coil.

How can the target temperature for the bearing to be determined?

Determine the setting temperature by reference to the diagram of Heating Temperature and Inner Ring Expansion. 
The range of temperature control mode is from 33 to 250℃.
Since the bearing may be damaged, don’t heat the bearing above 120℃.

Can Etoh bearing heater heat up the sealed bearings?

Since the current is inducted only for the inner and outer ring, the grease and rolling elements are not heated up. 
Don’t keep it warm for a long time.

How to select and mount the I-type Core

For heating bearing , install an I-type core through the inner bore of the bearing. Choose the largest I-type core for heating. The larger cross-section of the I-type core that is chosen, the shorter the heating time. Meet the polished faces of the I-type core and main core both at the top and bottom.

How the temperature sensor is used?

Connect the temperature sensor to the sensor socket.
Be aware of the polarity(+ and – of the sensor). If the temperature sensor isn’t connect with the sensor socket correctly, the error message is shown in the display, the bearing heater cannot start working in the temperature control mode.
The temperature sensor is equipped with a permanent magnet to secure the sensor to the inner ring during heating. Make sure the detection edge of the sensor is not damaged, dirt and dust. Mount the sensor so that the detection edge securely contacts the surface of the ring being heated. Don’t pull the lead for detaching the temperature sensor from Bearing. Be sure to remove it with holding the black sensor body. Pulling the lead causes a break. Don’t change or alter the extension lead wire of the thermocouple, or it may not measure correctly.

Is the bearing heater and I- type core heated during the heating ?

Because the heat generated within the bearing, the bearing heater and I-type core are not heated. It may happen that the heat of bearing conduct to the I-type Core and bearing heater.

Can the bearing heater heat multiple bearings at the same time?

To heat the multiple bearing need more time and need keeping warm the bearing while the other bearings are being installed. In those reasons, to heat the multiple bearing is not effective way.

I-type Core and the inner ring are contiguous. Is there any effects for heating?

With I-type core is installed through the inner ring of bearing, the bearing heater works normally.
No effect of heating ability even if I-type core and the inner ring of bearing are contiguous.

The noise and vibration during the heating are getting louder compare to when it was new.

Rust and/or dust on the polished face of I-type core and the main core cause the abnormal vibration and loud noise. Always eliminate the dust and apply the grease on the polished face of I-type core and the main core. I-type core consists of multiple thin, fragile layers of electrical steel sheets that maybe damaged if dropped or exposed to equivalent mechanical shock.

Other Precautions

Bearing heater ingenerate the magnetic field on the principle of induction heating.
People with heart pacemakers shall not be in the vicinity of the products during heating.
Also, keep magnetic materials such as watches etc. away from the products.