I-type core removal device

  • Slide Direction Structure with its ergonomically Simple lever Operation enables bearings to be mounted and dismounted easily.
  • Side Directions Structure will noto damage Work (Bering).
    There is little risk of damaging internal circumference of Work (Bering) during mounting and dismounting due to the design features of the structure.

Wonderful Heating Ability

  • Reducing heating time by 30% (compared with the previous SR series)
  • Heating of any case at any time with heating power controlled at optimal (maximum), sensing and controlling the coil current otherwise susceptible to the electrical properties of Work and I-type core, regardless of them.
  • Designed to have Power Reduction Function by setting the reduction rate 50%-100% by 10% increment for a delicate work(bearing) required to be heated slowly.
  • Accommodating a broad range of work(bering) size by selecting the I-type core suitable for the work inner ring diameter.

Wide Range of Input Voltage

  • Compatible with a wide range of various voltage and frequencies of power supplies around the world.
  • No other three phase input model in this business (except for single phase input models IHE0110A and IHE0120G)

Superior Safety

  • Extensive and reliable protection functions such as Temperture Sensor Abnormal, Overcurrent, Overload, and Heat Coil Abnormal Temperature.
  • Small and sensitive temperature sensor continuously monitors Bearing Temperature to ensure precise detection of bearing(work) temperature even at high temperature rising rate as well as when the sensor is set in a confined small area.
  • Automatic stop for safety even in the case of unintentional heating without installing the temperature sensor on the work(bearing) and in any other abnormal incident that should happen. Inthis matter, for Safe Operation of Bearing Heater, all possible safety measures have been taken.

Excellent Operability

  • All commands and monitors are only controlled by Operation Panel.
  • External control signal inputs and outputs equipped as standard can be used for custum applications.

Our Technology

Constant Apparent Power Control(C-APC)

C-APC technique, a shorter heating time is achieved compared to conventional induction heaters. The built-in inverter supplies maximum power to the main coils with variable frequencies regardless of I-core and load conditions (dimensions, weight, electrical characteristics of material used in work workpiece).

I-type core removal device (Slide Type Bearing Installation Table)

I-type core removal device (Slide Type Bearing Installation Table) is standard on all models, except the IHE0110A & IHE0120G, for easy loading and unloading. The operator can install and remove the I-type core virtually damage free to the bearing by simply pulling alever.

Structure of Cores

By redesigning the I-core structure and optimizing the silicone steel plates, we have achieved minimal energy loss and maximum heat time!

Safety and Reliability

The new and improved IHE series Bearing Heaters are a reflection of our safety philosophy. The new IHE series bearing heaters have a circuit breaker and protective device built-in. In addition, these units are protected against overheating, improper loading of the I-core and broken wires in the temperature sensor.

Subminiature highly sensitive temperature sensor

The new N-CTC series subminiature temperature sensor was developed from our many years of experience. Even though it is small, it has a high performance of response and dependability and safety to the bearing heater and operator. The temperature sensor’s built in high power permanent magnet firmly attaches to the inner race of even the smallest diameter bearings.

Custom-Specific Heaters