Even Heating without damage to bearing

Use of direct flame or blow torch to heat up bearing is risky, hazardous and causes uneven thermal expansion and/or material alteration. ETOH’s Bearing Heater adopts electromagnetic principle to inducing uniform current distribution inside bearing to be heated evenly for equal thermal expansion without damage to bearing(s). This even bore diameter extension eliminates any shrink fit process troubles at mounting bearing(s) into a shaft and increases the work efficiency.

Quick and Efficient Heating without Fire

ETOH’s Bearing Heater is based on the simple model of transformer with exciting coils embedded into a core as primary windings and bearing recognizable as the secondary windings. AC current flowing the coils induces a secondary current along the inner ring of bearing to generate heat necessary for its expansion due to bearing’s own electrical resistance. This simplicity realizes rapid and economic heating of bearing solely and little waste of energy without necessity of media material like oil. Etoh’s Bearing Heater of non-use of fire and oil accomplishes High Safety, Reliability and Efficiency for drastic reduction of the total time and cost necessary for Shrink Fit Process in comparison with the other methods.

Clean Heating without impurities intruded

 The use of oil bath for the shrink fit process has demerits such as wipe-off required after hot oil bathing, troublesome management and storage of oil, and complicated and costly control and maintenance of oil bath equipment. In addition, the method cannot heat pre-greased bearing(s) without loss of the grease and loses pre-lubrication inside bearing(s).Etoh’s Bearing Heater, due to its inherently clean and simple nature of non-use of oil, has no demerit as such and requires no extra management and maintenance task and no contamination to environment, leading to total improvement of Workshop Environment.

Temperature Control and Timer Control

Possible to set up to 250℃ as standard in Temperature Control Mode.
Interchangeable Temperature indication between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Possible to set up to 99min59sec in Timer Control Mode.

Versatile and Wide Range Use

Applicable for bushing(s), gear(s), pulleys, couplings and other ring shaped metal object as well as bearing(s) as a main application.

Built-in Demagnetization Function

Automatic demagnetization after heating.
Possible to demagnetize bearing manually whenever necessary.